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Born in a small village in Russia, ÅMBE discovered the violin and piano at the age of 4. She progressed rapidly, perhaps unfortunately so. At the age of 6, she was uprooted from her family to be trained as a prodigy in Ukraine. After a life of classical conservatories and academies, as well as international contests in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Denmark - she left everything in pursuit of her real passion.


She started performing at different New York clubs and cafes - singing, playing the piano and violin. ÅMBE even managed to record an album with the Grammy winning composer and pianist Fernando Otero, during which she appeared as a featured vocalist with her remarkable range and astonishingly high, ethereal singing. This album got nominated for Latin Grammy 2015 (best modern classical album of the year).

Late summer 2016 she released the first single from her debut album “Enemy Of The People” that is coming out at the beginning of 2017.

ÅMBE is not another singer songwriter. She is a true musical hybrid and artistic polymath.

Her strong Russian, perhaps even heavy-handed classical background in violin, piano and composition is combined with the modernity of experimental electronics and advanced drums programming. A deeply poetic entity, her unmistakably recognizable voice serves as the best instrument to deliver such organics.

This is what makes ÅMBE often associated with futuristic, multitalented artists like Bjork, Imogen Heap, James Blake and FKA Twigs, though with a strong voice that is her own unique polyhedral Universe.